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My composition studio

Have you ever experienced when you have gone from one level to another, and you later try to go back? It just can’t be done. I used to be a total synth guy. Always looking for sounds and sampling stuff. Always collecting synths and sounds but never using them. Recording a song could take forever because there where so many sounds and options to consider.

I make my music in a totally different way now, and when I tried to mix the orchestral stuff with the synth stuff I quickly realized that there is no going back! Maybe I should make my sample library free to download for any interested synth dude out there?

So, how is the wind quintet coming along? I have now begun orchestrating the last movement, and when that is done I need to go over the other movements one more time. Then I think it’s ready, and I can publish the mockup on Soundcloud and start hunting for an orchestra.

Back to work!