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Have you ever experienced when you have gone from one level to another, and you later try to go back? It just can’t be done. I used to be a total synth guy. Always looking for sounds and sampling stuff. Always collecting synths and sounds but never using them. Recording a song could take forever because there where so many sounds and options to consider.

I make my music in a totally different way now, and when I tried to mix the orchestral stuff with the synth stuff I quickly realized that there is no going back! Maybe I should make my sample library free to download for any interested synth dude out there?

So, how is the wind quintet coming along? I have now begun orchestrating the last movement, and when that is done I need to go over the other movements one more time. Then I think it’s ready, and I can publish the mockup on Soundcloud and start hunting for an orchestra.

Back to work!




The right season for strawberries is always!

Sometimes you have plans. I will do this! But time moves along and you never get around to doing ”this”, not because it was a bad idea, not because you’re a lazy bum, but because the time was not right. Just because an idea didn’t bear fruit, don’t trash it. Maybe it was the wrong season. You don’t get strawberries in december. no matter how good an idea strawberries are.

So, in light of this profound revelation I will make yet another attempt to get this blog up and running. Maybe it’s the right season now?

My computer has crashed so I need to repair it. Because of that my focus has shifted a bit frim music to graphics, untill I get it back. I have put out a collection of images on Imagekind so people can buy framed prints. Go take a look! Framed prints

A fractalized portrait.

A fractalized portrait.