Composition report

I’ve made a video for my piece Dance for viola and bassoon no2. The video is up of short fractal animations, made in Frax on my ipad. I discovered that I can use the iPad camera to set the colors of the fractal, and that made really interesting animations. I then assembled the clips in Adobe Premiere and added text and transitions, and sound of cause. Hope you like it!

Besides that, I have finished a movement of my wind quintet, and have two more composed. I’m working on the fourth so I hope I will be ready to present the entire piece before Christmas.  Back to work!


img_3595Suddenly major updates roll out for all the apps I use frequently A christmas for nerds! Yesterday I received upates for Capture One, Sibelius and Snapseed. Not to mention That the new beta of YouCompose is very good. There are two apps I beta test, YouCompose and Fractal Architect. So much fun, so little time!

My wind piece is coming along nicely. I have two movements composed, and a bit of the third. Right now I’m in the process of correcting all the misstakes I’ve made in the composing stage. I will probably make this piece into a wind quintet, rather than a quartet, since there are more orchestras out there for quintets.

So, no time to waste. I have apps to play with and music to write!


img_3520Now I have written two string quartets (Atlantis and Long Forgotten Dance) and two symphonies (Raised by the Spirit and Joy),  plus a bunch of pieces without movements. I know that there are people who would argue that Raised and Joy are not symphonies at all, because they don’t fulfill requirement 1A in the rule book. But I don’t care what you call them, as long as you listen to the music. I call them symphonies because that’s easier than orchestral suits or orchestral fantasies.

Now I have turned my focus to a woodwind quartet, since I have not written specially for woodwinds before. I find that using woodwinds instead of strings lead to a very different piece. I have to fight a tendency to make it too medieval.  I’ll get back to that when the first movement is finished.