SpT_profilbildAre you a creating soul? I certainly am, and this blog is my outlet for all the ideas about creativity that I get. You will also find all my music here. My emphasis is music but I also do photography and computer graphics like fractals and kaleidoscopes. I write about creativity and how it works, about workflow, equipment and methods of creating, composing, arranging, orchestrating and sound design.

I’m a composer and photographer from Sweden. I have this creativity as a sideline and work at a low grade school for a living. Or if I have my work as a sideline and creativity as the core of my being maybe… Anyway, I’m not under any pressure to make money on this stuff.

My ambition in life is to follow Jesus, but if you’re not a believer you can get a lot out of this blog anyway. I don’t really preach when I’m blogging, but rest assure that Jesus is at the bottom of all my thoughts.

Let’s create!