Månadsarkiv: november 2016

img_3520Now I have written two string quartets (Atlantis and Long Forgotten Dance) and two symphonies (Raised by the Spirit and Joy),  plus a bunch of pieces without movements. I know that there are people who would argue that Raised and Joy are not symphonies at all, because they don’t fulfill requirement 1A in the rule book. But I don’t care what you call them, as long as you listen to the music. I call them symphonies because that’s easier than orchestral suits or orchestral fantasies.

Now I have turned my focus to a woodwind quartet, since I have not written specially for woodwinds before. I find that using woodwinds instead of strings lead to a very different piece. I have to fight a tendency to make it too medieval.  I’ll get back to that when the first movement is finished.


The right season for strawberries is always!

Sometimes you have plans. I will do this! But time moves along and you never get around to doing ”this”, not because it was a bad idea, not because you’re a lazy bum, but because the time was not right. Just because an idea didn’t bear fruit, don’t trash it. Maybe it was the wrong season. You don’t get strawberries in december. no matter how good an idea strawberries are.

So, in light of this profound revelation I will make yet another attempt to get this blog up and running. Maybe it’s the right season now?