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Have you ever experienced when you have gone from one level to another, and you later try to go back? It just can’t be done. I used to be a total synth guy. Always looking for sounds and sampling stuff. Always collecting synths and sounds but never using them. Recording a song could take forever because there where so many sounds and options to consider.

I make my music in a totally different way now, and when I tried to mix the orchestral stuff with the synth stuff I quickly realized that there is no going back! Maybe I should make my sample library free to download for any interested synth dude out there?

So, how is the wind quintet coming along? I have now begun orchestrating the last movement, and when that is done I need to go over the other movements one more time. Then I think it’s ready, and I can publish the mockup on Soundcloud and start hunting for an orchestra.

Back to work!



I’ve made a video for my piece Dance for viola and bassoon no2. The video is up of short fractal animations, made in Frax on my ipad. I discovered that I can use the iPad camera to set the colors of the fractal, and that made really interesting animations. I then assembled the clips in Adobe Premiere and added text and transitions, and sound of cause. Hope you like it!

Besides that, I have finished a movement of my wind quintet, and have two more composed. I’m working on the fourth so I hope I will be ready to present the entire piece before Christmas.  Back to work!


img_3595Suddenly major updates roll out for all the apps I use frequently A christmas for nerds! Yesterday I received upates for Capture One, Sibelius and Snapseed. Not to mention That the new beta of YouCompose is very good. There are two apps I beta test, YouCompose and Fractal Architect. So much fun, so little time!

My wind piece is coming along nicely. I have two movements composed, and a bit of the third. Right now I’m in the process of correcting all the misstakes I’ve made in the composing stage. I will probably make this piece into a wind quintet, rather than a quartet, since there are more orchestras out there for quintets.

So, no time to waste. I have apps to play with and music to write!


img_3520Now I have written two string quartets (Atlantis and Long Forgotten Dance) and two symphonies (Raised by the Spirit and Joy),  plus a bunch of pieces without movements. I know that there are people who would argue that Raised and Joy are not symphonies at all, because they don’t fulfill requirement 1A in the rule book. But I don’t care what you call them, as long as you listen to the music. I call them symphonies because that’s easier than orchestral suits or orchestral fantasies.

Now I have turned my focus to a woodwind quartet, since I have not written specially for woodwinds before. I find that using woodwinds instead of strings lead to a very different piece. I have to fight a tendency to make it too medieval.  I’ll get back to that when the first movement is finished.


The right season for strawberries is always!

Sometimes you have plans. I will do this! But time moves along and you never get around to doing ”this”, not because it was a bad idea, not because you’re a lazy bum, but because the time was not right. Just because an idea didn’t bear fruit, don’t trash it. Maybe it was the wrong season. You don’t get strawberries in december. no matter how good an idea strawberries are.

So, in light of this profound revelation I will make yet another attempt to get this blog up and running. Maybe it’s the right season now?

Tap Forms

Tap Forms on my iPad, with the beginning of the new opus database

I find that I’m moving more and more functions over to the iPad. Today I bought Tap Forms to move my Opus database over to iOS. Very good app I must say. The only thing I’m missing is some graphical customisations. Like headers and backgrounds etc.

My music and way of working has changed so much this past year so I find that I have to rethink my database completely. It has become more important to track compositions than recordings. I have sketched a new layout and design but will probably add to it later. Since my computer is still on repair I don’t have access to my latest entries yet.

To me it’s important to keep track of what I write so I can see what I have actually done when I feel too idle. This has reaaly been my busiest year ever. I have released one full length album and two eps. I have written a two finished symphonic suites in four movements and a bunch of pieces that are not tied to anything yet. Next year will not be any less busy!

imageSince my computer is still very sick with the 2011 Macbook Pro bug, I have turned to Notion instead of Sibelius. Started working on a short piece that I’m currently writting dynamics and correcting notes on. Not as easy and powerful as working in Sibelius but it will do. I will not be able to use the wonderful NotePerformer though. I have experimented with doing the whole production in iOS and I think it will kind of work. If my MBP GPU don’t decide to act up on me I can even give it a shot in Logic Pro X. If I finish all the ground work in Notion it might work.

My computer has crashed so I need to repair it. Because of that my focus has shifted a bit frim music to graphics, untill I get it back. I have put out a collection of images on Imagekind so people can buy framed prints. Go take a look! Framed prints

A fractalized portrait.

A fractalized portrait.


Now I have installed NotePerformer in Sibelius. It really sounds fantastic. I run into some problems when exporting an audio file for use on Soundcloud. I have exported it in 32 bit and converted it to an acc file. That didn’t sit so good with Soundcloud and the sound ended up being not very optimal quality.

So I exported it again from Sibelius, in 16 bit this time. I also exported it dry and addded the reverb in Logic Pro X, using Space designer with two different reverbs.  That sounded much better!

What I exported was the finished first movement of my new symphonic work Raised by the Spirit. This is a teaser. I have three more movements in the works, but you’ll have to wait untill they all are finished to hear them.

You can here the first movement here


Light and shadows

The shadows are the places where the light varies in intensity. These shadows aren’t dark, they are just less bright.

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